The fear dissolved a moment ago. Mietek stared at the dirty ceiling with little interest. One can't observe much when lying on a hospital bed in front of the surgery. The ceiling with spiderwebs in the corners and clots on the opposite, greenish wall, half-covered with oil paint were the only things that the boy lying on his side could see. Ten minutes earlier he got an injection and all the pain and fear was gone. Before that, a half an hour ago, he was told to go see a nurse who would do him an enema. But the view of the device which was about to be slotted into his very sensitive and embarrassing place was so horrifying to Mietek, that he broke away from nurse's hands, ran into the toilet and quickly did the required cleansing, himself. The nurse was waiting impatiently by the door, asking if he's done, because the surgeons were ready.

The bed arrived at the surgery. As the mask approached Mietek's face, the hospital world faded away and then an unusual view appeased before his eyes. A dark corridor – a gray hall, lit by a bright, yellow, almost blinding light. It didn't blind him though, but surrounded and drew him in. He saw a familiar face and someone else reached out a hand towards him. It wasn't necessary to take it. A group of blurred shadow-like people appeared beside him. They seemed kind, but weaker and ethereal and they observed him indifferently. The main and the closest person spoke words, which the boy couldn't understand. The beings floated away, talking to each other and minding their own business. Suddenly, Mietek started to flow towards the round, overtaking light, whose words he couldn't heard but understood. That light soon became the most perfect and loving being, that said: “Go back, it's not your time yet. You have something to do down there.”.

And then having taken a bird's or a fly's perspective, Mietek saw the small operating room below him, a slightly opened monumental bay window, stressed doctors, the dishes that he knew are called basins and blood-covered strips of his own body in them, metal devices and bandages. He didn't know what the doctors were talking about, but he could feel that thy were happy and relieved that the little boy was brought back
to life.

After the appendix removal, Mietek awakened this time “for real” in an old hospital room filled with adult and little patients. In the corner, independently-walking patients could observe through a great, Gothic window, a gray backyard, where the only attraction was taking out the trash and waste from the surgery. The patients suspected that the waste consisted of cut-off limbs and soft guts, among which there must have been that weird appendix.

A few days before, Mietek arrived to the hospital in a very bad condition. During a trip to a nearby lake, he began to suffer from excruciating stomachache, which grew as he was driven from one doctor to another on the back o a motorcycle. It could have ended tragically. Doctors ignored the symptoms, so Mietek's parents, terrified by his condition, decided to drive him to a hospital. And then the worst thing occurred – the appendix spilled all over his abdomen. He must have been immediately operated.

But soon after the operation, he happily described to other patients, what took place in the operating room. After a moment of uncomfortable silence, one of them said:

- What are you talking about, son? What a load of bullshit. What are you saying, that you saw the Archangel Gabriel or maybe even Jesus?

- Give him a break, that probably was a side-effect from narcosis.- other one added.

The whole room of people, big and little, burst with laughter. Mietek fell silent. He fell silent for decades. He never spoke about that in public ever gain.

He just laid on the first hospital bed by the door and watched hospital life, still wondering about what happened to him. There were two boys lying next to him. Both of them had broken collarbones and both wore something called a “plane”. One of them wore it on his left arm and the other one on his right arm. Each of them fell from a tree. One from an apple tree and the other from sweet cherry tree. A dying man laid next to them and a pool of blood collected under his bed. He was run over by a truck and there was no hope for him. His groaning wasn't loud as he was already too weak for that.

And all Mietek could think about were the words “Go back, it's not your time yet. You have something to do down there.”. A puzzling mystery. Did he see a ghost or heard God? He couldn't figure out what is it that he had to do down here. He didn't seem to be particularly talented in any area, that could serve or change the world. Such a strange incident. Maybe it actually was a vision influenced by narcosis?

After he was signed off from the hospital and driven back home, he finally had a moment of peace. His parent's put him on their bed. His mom, happy to have him safe and sound back home, brought him a cup of tea. The light of the warm, Jun day shone through the curtained window. Mietek's friends were still stuck at school, as he just laid and stared at his sore stomach.

Soon, he was able to get up by himself. It was weird to learn to walk again. And the dream he had during the surgery, was still coming back to him at night. Both words began to feel like dreams to him. His own home was foreign to him just as the hospital dream, which, as time went by, slowly became a faded memory.

Why do I hear ringing in my ears, every now and again?” - Mietek thinks nowadays. He won't tell that to anyone. What if they take him to the hospital again?



- Doctor, I experience frequent dizziness. I hear some noise in my head and I feel very weak. Lately, when I was walking in the park, I suddenly felt my legs become strangely rubbery and I was about to fall down.

- Czesław, these are all symptoms of being overweight. Please, lose some pounds and stop bothering doctors with such sitters.

- Is it really all because of obesity? I only weigh 220 lbs. How do I go about it?

-I suggest the EL vitamin - “eat less”. You simply have to go on a diet, exercise regularly, move your body, sign to a gym or get a personal trainer. Good luck and goodbye.

A bit upset and humiliated Czesław, walked along the streets towards his block. He did not appreciate that made-up, perfumed, young doctor, sitting in her office all dressed up and fit like a sportswoman. She was indeed very attractive and she knew that.

Look at that chick! Damn, she tells me to lose weight! She must have had a good laugh... What am I to do?”

And then, like a message from the heavens, an advertisement appeared before him: “Weight balancing – gaining or losing weight, amazing, American herbs, call 602 888 777”, written across a red Mercedes. Czesław was about to write down that phone number, when he saw the owner of that car, carrying a large box. Czesław approached the man and timidly asked:

- Good morning, Sir. Could you help me lose weight, please?

- Good morning! Absolutely, I will be happy to help you. Here is my card, please call me and we'll schedule a meeting, so that you can learn about the details. - Tomasz, the distributor, replied with a friendly smile.

They have met a few days later in Tom's apartment, where Czesław was shown the documentation with the testimonies of Tom's happy clients. Interestingly, the losing of weight itself was merely the end result of the herbal therapy. Tom emphasized the health benefits of using those nutritious herbs. They appeared to be ultimate for body detox and moreover, they even miraculously cure a number of seemingly incurable diseases. Czesław was amazed by all those stories. A bit suspiciously, he thought that it may be just an overdone sales job, typical for the American web marketing. “Whatever, let's try, just for the heck of it”, he thought and bought a package of herbs. It wasn't cheap. He spent over 200 pln for the start-up set and took it on a long trip. He hiked in the mountains and drank herbal mixtures twice a day as a meal-replacement. And indeed something began to happen. The mixtures were filling, so Czesław wasn't hungry. Moreover, he urinated much more frequently, is metabolism went off the charts and he often felt extremely energized. After two weeks things really began to move. He lost 2 pounds a day and his belly shrank. He lost 20 pounds in a month. Feeling light and happy, he signed a distribution agreement. He wanted to share his spectacular results with potential clients.

As he continued his therapy, he lost another 20 pounds and also realized that his back and knees didn't hurt anymore. All the fat disappeared and uncovered muscles, all that time hidden underneath. He had to buy new clothes for his new, fit self. Nothing indicated any potential problems.

And suddenly a catastrophe happened. Happy was just sitting on the sofa and watching his favorite tv show, when all of the sudden, he felt very cold and he began shaking so hard, he couldn't control the chattering of his teeth. He was suffocating.

- Help! Call an ambulance! - he managed to babble to his frightened wife.

- I'm calling! What's happening? What to tell them?

- I can't..I can't sppppeak! Teeth chattering, I'm cold...weak... - He passed out.

The ambulance arrived quickly. Czesław came around as the orderly entered the apartment. He had his blood pressure and blood sugar measured and the results were not worrisome. The doctor was just about to resign from making any serious decision, when Czesław got another mysterious attack. He was therefore taken to the hospital. After a few hours of lying with the drip infusion, he regained his wellness and was free to go home. The doctor ordered him though to contact a family physician for more detailed analyses.

- Doctor, as you can see I've lost over 40 pounds. You told me that my symptoms are caused by obesity, but losing weight didn't help me. Here is my latest discharge from the hospital.

- Mh, it's not normal to lose so much weight in so little time... - the doctor was trying to hide her embarrassment, but her flickering eyelid gave away her nervousness.

- Doctor, I'm really terrified now. It seems I can't stop myself from losing weight. How do I break this process? I got very sensitive to temperature. One moment I'm hot and sweaty, another moment I'm freezing. I'm very weak and my throat feels as if I swallowed a doughnut. What's going on? Am I'm dying?

- Cold, sweating, blocked throat...it really is worrisome. I'll give you a referral to an endocrinologist. It looks like a thyroid imbalance.

Czesław's brother-in-law Dominik introduced him to his fellow endocrinologist named Jarek. Unlike Dominik, Jarek was a very tall and fine figure of a sad man. He barely said anything to Czesław, only ordered him to lay on the couch. He switched on a screen and wrapped a paper towel around Czesław's neck. Then he spread some kind of oil on the thyroid area and, without any word of warning, stuck a long needle-probe nearby the collarbone. Terrified Czesław closed his eyes, waiting for excruciating pain, but he only feel a weird sense of being pushed on. Indifferent to his feelings doctor pulled the needle out and stuck it again in a different place. He constantly observed the screen above the patient's head. When he was done, he said shortly.

- During the examination I took samples from the cusps I noticed in your thyroid. The results will be ready next week.

- Doctor, what are those cusps? Is it hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism? Or is it cancer?

- You'll find out next week. Good bye.

- Good bye... - Confused Czesław walked out of the doctor's office, still holding the slippery towel to his neck.

The following week's results showed that hormones were in balance, but the thyroid itself was threateningly growing bigger inside Czesław's chest, almost approaching his heart, and was filled with cusps, blocking his esophagus – that's why he felt as if he swallowed a doughnut. The further growth of the thyroid would result in suffocation and serious complications for the heart and lungs. However, Jarek didn't explain it all to Czesław during their following meeting. He only asked:

- So, Czesław, are we cutting?

- Cutting what? I don't understand..

- Are we cutting the thyroid out?

- I don't know what to say, doctor, you're the one who knows if the operation is necessary.

- It's up to you. At the most, you'll be choking. So, are we cutting?

- Alright, let's cut. I hope this will make me feel better.

-I can't guarantee that. Whatever you decide, you'll be doomed to taking hormonal medicine anyway. Here is your hospital referral. You will be operated by my colleague, a brilliant surgeon and proctologist.

- But doctor, doesn't a proctologist specialize in a whole different part of body?

- I don't have time for jokes, I have other patients waiting. Goodbye.

Next month, during a hard frost, Czesław went to the hospital by iced taxi. He was examined in a variety of ways the same day. He walked trough the corridors holding referrals in his hands, shaking from cold and also from fear. Dressed in pajamas and a robe, he sat for hours in poorly heated rooms. He was afraid that if he caught a cold, he would have his surgery canceled. Other patients did not seem to care about such details. They were happy when it was their turn to be examined by a specialist. They watched the queue vigilantly and could even hurt anyone who would dare to go into a doctor's office on other terms.

Czesław was placed in an exclusive, 2-bed-male room. It was connected to female room through one bathroom. If one sex wanted to use the bathroom, they were supposed to knock on the opposite sex's door, indicating that the bathroom was busy. The hospital staff, however, could enter that bathroom anytime from any side. That often caused awkward and uncomfortable situations. Czesław was very surprised once, when, just as he was urinating, he was kindly greeted by a beautiful, dark-haired nurse, who came into the restroom at the same time to wash a dish. Czesław couldn't have stopped what he was already doing, but he did have a pleasant conversation with her, nonetheless. The nurse observed him with interest. If he was single, he would probably ask her out later on. And had it turned into a more serious relationship, they would probably be reminiscing about their first, romantic meeting in the hospital restroom.

It was noon, when all of the sudden Czesław's room was filled with a great amount of doctors and students with a professor as their leader. Among them, there were doctors from all around the hospital and a number of foreign students. Everyone was amazingly obedient and disciplined. The students were taking notes.

- Good morning, sir, how are you feeling? - the professor asked.

- Good morning. How am I feeling? Not quite well.

- What do you mean, sir? Aren't you ready for tomorrow's surgery?

- I'm scared.

- What are you scared of?

- Sir, I've heard so much about doctor's mistakes lately that I'm actually nervous about being in their hands and operated.

Silence fell among the gathered. The professor didn't say anything more and the whole group left the room.

In the evening, the fellow surgeon-proctologist came to visit Czesław. He sat by his bed and gently said:

- Please don't be afraid. Everything will be alright. You know, the statement you made earlier today, during the round, evoked quite a havoc. The professor was offended and the students were giggling. - I did not desire such effect.

I know, I know... But please keep such comments to yourself. You know thanks to whom you're here. We don't want any trouble, okay?

- Okay.

- The nurse will be here in a minute to give you a tranquilizer. You'll have another one in the morning. No worries! See you at the surgery.

In the morning, Czesław was given another blue pill and soon, the world became extremely friendly to him. He stood at the door to his room, dressed in a strange kind of an apron (which did not cover his bottom) and observed the traffic of the corridor. He was the first in line for “cutting”.

- Is everything ok? - the nurse asked.

- Yes, thank you.

- I will shave you in a moment.

- Oh, that's not necessary, I've already shaved.

- It's necessary for the surgery. I will shave your chest.

- Oh, I see.

The nurse was soon back with all the devices. She put some soap on Czesław's neck and chest and started to quickly shave him with an old razor. Suddenly the telephone rang and she ran to the guard room. Czesław was happily standing at the door again with trickles of blood pouring down his neck. The nurse apparently cut all of his marks, but it didn't bother him.

- Could you wipe the blood away, please? It's staining my apron. - Czesław asked the nurse, who just came back.

- Oh my, yes, I'll handle this. - she put a thick towel on his neck. – Are you alright?

- Yes, no problem. But I would gladly drink something.

- Am I getting this right? You drank something?

- Well yes, I was thirsty, so I drank half a bottle of water.

- Jesus Christ Almighty, what have you done? You can't be operated now!

- Why not?

- I'll go find the doctor.

The vigilant nurse was right. Drinking liquids before operation could actually sink a patient who is about to have his throat cut. After consultations, doctors decided to put the operation off for a few hours.

As hours went by, the blissful feeling began to fade away, being replaced again by fear and worry. Fortunately, he was taken to the operating room, soon. He fell asleep immediately and time stopped. He awakened thinking that the surgery haven't taken place yet, but the view of the drip infusion and a weird tube running towards his throat changed his mind.

- Hello, Czesław. - the surgeon-proctoligist greeted him.

- Hello...- Czesław was still slightly stunned.

- We can take the mask off now. You'll be given one more drip. - the surgeon said. - Please say “Anna”. Can you hear me? Please say “Anna”.

- Why would I? My wife's name is Danusia.

- Please say “Anna”.I have to check if your vocal cords work properly.

- Oh. Anna, Anna, Anna...good?

- Yes, excellent. I'm glad I didn't damage them, otherwise I'd have to pay damages. After all, you're an opera singer and your vice is your key device at work. Are you feeling alright?

- Yes, nothing hurts, cords work... I just hear some ringing in my ears. It's tiring me.

- It's okay, these symptoms will pass soon. This was not an easy surgery.

- What do you mean? Is it always complicated?

- It was difficult in your case, because your neck isn't very diligent, you probably have some spine issues. I had a hard time tilting your head to rip your thyroid out.

- Rip it out?!

- Oh, didn't I tell you what this surgery was about? I was actually ripping your thyroid out, piece by piece and I had to be really careful not to get your voice cords.

- Jesus... - Having heard that, Czesław fainted.

- Czesław, wake up, all is well now!- the surgeon quickly brought him round.

After the doctor left, Czesław began falling asleep again, feeling sort of lethargic. He tried to stay awake, but he kept on having strange visions.

- Hello, hello! Gooth morning! - a lisping orderly greeted him. Czesław couldn't see Her from his bed, because of her short height.

- Good morning. What are you doing?

- Cantchu see? I'm cleaning. And you're jus thleeping and thleeping and murmuring thuff.

- I'm having weird dreams...

- Erothic? - The orderly took a quick look at Czesław's sheets.

- That as well, but I see mostly a vinyl being scratched by a wiry brush and I hear ringing in my hears.

- That is weird. And not ath all erothic. - the disappointed orderly admitted and left the room.

Report from the interview with Janet James

Calgary, Alberta, 12th October 2005


- Good morning. My name is Mulder and I am a secret service agent. I would like to talk to you about the unusual event taking place in our province. I was informed that the person who is most affected by those unexplainable events is you. I would really appreciate it, if you told me everything you know about this case, with no hurry.

- Alright. I will do my best to put it in a proper, chronological order. It's not that easy, because it dates back to my childhood. When I was a little girl, I lived in Terrace, British Columbia. I was ten years old. On Halloween, we decided to play hide-and-seek in a nearby forest. I was dressed in a dark robe and a wizard hat. I was just sanding by a tree and counting to ten, when suddenly wind stopped blowing and there was complete silence. I couldn't find anybody, but I felt as if I was observed. Suddenly, a strong, green light burst above me. I started to run, but the light followed me and kept hanging above my head. And when I finally got out of the forest, I met a whole group of people looking for me, among whom were my parents. They told me I was gone for the whole night. I can't remember anything more from that night.

- Why did you tell me tat? Is it somehow connected to what's going on now?

- Absolutely. It does make sense. When I moved to a different city after my divorce, that happened to me again. I was an adult woman by then and a mother of a ten-year-old girl. That night, I was coming back from work at a late hour and I stopped the car on the side of the road at an overlook to take a quick look at the stars. There was not a cloud in the sky. It was beautifully filled with stars. It was warm and I felt happy. And then suddenly I noticed three, green stars, doing strange maneuvers. They seemed to be changing orders. They were approaching me. I wasn't able to move. The light overtook me and I couldn’t remember anything more. When I came home, my partner was worried, because, apparently, I was gone for hours. He even called the police.

- You said you “couldn't”. Did you manage somehow to recall those events later?

- In a sense, yes.

- How come?

- I thought I was losing my senses, so I contacted a psychologist. After a few visits, I was offered a hypnotic session, during which I told the most amazing story. It turned out, I was abducted by aliens twice, as a little girl and as an adult woman. They did horrifying experiments on me.

- How did those beings look?

- They were about three feet tall and had melon-shaped heads, which narrowed down to tiny lips. They had no noses nor ears, but they had huge, almond-shaped eyes and cone-like appendices in the center of their faces. Their bodies were very boney and they were moving funnily.

- And what were those experiments like?

- I was laid on a cold, metal table. Someone told me that he's a doctor. A huge drill surrounded with lamps went down from the ceiling and screwed into my underbelly. I fainted.

- Did you wake up at home?

- No. I awakened bonded to the metal table, in a great hall. There were cocoons suspended all around me with tiny beings inside them. Those were alien fetuses. I don't know how, but I knew that one of them comes from my body.

- That’s a terrifying story! So you're saying that those aliens took your “egg” to create some kind of a hybrid child?

- Yes, that's the way I understand it. Their race must be somewhat genetically weak and they are strengthening it by creating crossbreeds.

- Alright, I know, more or less, your version of the past events. But what can you tell me about the present? Specifically about what happened yesterday?

- I was driving home from work with my colleague. It was again cloudless night and she insisted on us pulling off at that overlook I mentioned before. I didn't want to stop there, but eventually agreed to. This time, I didn't see green stars, but two pairs of shining eyes. I was worried, because this area is inhabited by bears and pumas. But suddenly we realized that those were not animals. Those were little beings, approaching us!

- Did they chase you?

- We started running towards the car. Strangely, it felt as if I was running in slow motion. We got into the car, but it wouldn't start. We screamed and panicked, as those beings approached our vehicle. The engine eventually did start and we managed to get away. We drove for about 10 miles, then we pulled off and turned the lights off. No one chased us.

- So you were not abducted that night?

- I don't think so, but I was worried about my daughter, who was alone at home, waiting for me. I drove home as quickly as I could and, to my great relief, she was peacefully sleeping in her bed. It seemed that nothing happened...but I was wrong.

- What do you mean?

- The following day was Sunday. The three of us sat by the table to eat breakfast together. We were amazed to find that we were all feeling unwell and had identical symptoms – headache and ear-ringing. M daughter thought we caught a flu. And suddenly blood burst out of my nose. The same thing happened momentarily to my friend and soon, my daughter was suffering from a heavy nosebleed.

- Ma'am, that might have been a coincidence. Maybe the three of you actually caught a virus?

- I disagree. As I was putting my, weakened by her nosebleed, little girl to bed, I noticed strange drawings on her desk. Each piece of paper presented an almond-eyed being. I asked my daughter who was that and she said that those “little ghosts” visited her at night. One of them called himself a doctor. She said she didn't like him and is afraid of him, because he did unpleasant examinations to her. That's when I knew that wherever I'd run, they will always find me. And what's worse, they will find my daughter and probably all women in next generations in our line. There is something about us that they like. I remember that women in my family got pregnant often and easily and they often miscarried while the fetuses were nowhere to be found...

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